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Our customers depend on us for urgent needs such as hot water heater repairs, oven elements, cleaning supplies, electrical and plumbing repairs, personal protection, and other at-home and in-the-yard purchases.


We are increasing the time spent cleaning and sanitizing our stores, especially in the most frequented areas like the registers, the restrooms, the customer service counters (keys, lettering, front service, etc), and heavily shopped areas.  In fact, we have taken increased measures to ensure our cashiers and front-end teams are regularly cleaning their work areas and registers after customer interactions. We continue to follow the advice and guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other government officials to take appropriate preventative measures.  




We want to thank our more than 120 associates who continue to provide amazing customer service during this unprecedented crisis. The health and well-being of our associates continues to be our top priority. We want to take care of our team so we can best serve our community. We are providing emergency paid leave for our associates that need it, whether that’s because they are feeling sick, concerned about exposure, or caring for loved ones. These are trying times, but we have always striven to take care of our team and will continue to do so.

Dealing With COVID-19

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